Escape Attempt

Escape Attempt #

Try to escape the sentient guardian.

Npcs #

Auto Sentry

Automated ranged combat sentry


One of the first automated sentinels.

Combat Bot

Automated intrusion defending system

Loot #

Experience #

Level 1 2 3
Amount 50xp 100xp 150xp

Items #

Rejuvenating Charm

An armband so filigree you won't recognize the patterns.

Arcane Lantern

Illuminates the darkest night

Feather Fawn Regalia

A weatherproof outfit that doesn't compromise on agility.


Two-handed lightning spear. Mid ranged weapon that summons vortexes.


To prevent you friends from dieing all too quickly.

Essences #

Spirit Essence

Enhances the regeneration of your resources (Health, Mana, Focus) .
Level 1 2 3
Spirit Amount 1 2 3

Awareness Essence

Enhances your dodge and critical chance
Level 1 2 3
Awareness Amount 1 2 3

Haste Essence

Enhances your castspeed, buff-tickspeed and ae-tickspeed.
Level 1 2 3
Haste Amount 1 2 3