Firebound Forge

Firebound Forge #

Iphrit and Zorn will test your alloy.

Npcs #

Ashen Servant

Revived with a molten core




Forged in the eternal fire.


A raging dragon

Loot #

Experience #

Level 1 2 3
Amount 50xp 100xp 150xp

Items #

Obsidian Warhammer

A 2-Handed tank weapon based on resistance and mitigation.

Black Rock Cuirass

Forged with a black Dragons breath.

Onyx Eye

An item so dark it absorbs all light.

Serenity Sash

A band woven from calming material.

Hightop Boots

Ideal for prompt and considered reactions.

Essences #

Awareness Essence

Enhances your dodge and critical chance
Level 1 2 3
Awareness Amount 1 2 3

Power Essence

Enhances the scaling of your abilities.
Level 1 2 3
Power Amount 1 2 3

Stamina Essence

Increases your maximum life.
Level 1 2 3
Stamina Amount 1 2 3