Sludge Madness

Sludge Madness #

Take a sip of destiny

Npcs #


Attacks target


Fallen from the verge of greatness.

Splitting Goo

Attacks the target and splits instead of dying

Loot #

Experience #

Level 1 2 3
Amount 50xp 100xp 150xp

Items #

Enigma Ornat

Plate armor for defensive purposes

Plague Carrier

Ranged caster weapon based on Damage over Time effects.

Robe of Tidal Ice

A dress made of frozen silk.

Relieving Journal

Healing weapon based on Regeneration effects.

Magic Slippers

Can teleport you anywhere

Essences #

Power Essence

Enhances the scaling of your abilities.
Level 1 2 3
Power Amount 1 2 3

Spirit Essence

Enhances the regeneration of your resources (Health, Mana, Focus) .
Level 1 2 3
Spirit Amount 1 2 3

Stamina Essence

Increases your maximum life.
Level 1 2 3
Stamina Amount 1 2 3