Pit of Elements

Pit of Elements #

Fight thunder, water and earth

Npcs #

Fire elemental

Raging spirit.

Ice Block

A gift from the sky


Proficient in the schools of tide, thunder, thermic and terrain.

Stone Elemental

Called from within earth

Stone Pillar

Called from within earth


Energy from the Erg

Loot #

Experience #

Level 1 2 3
Amount 60xp 120xp 180xp

Items #

Water Stream

Healing based on waves and tides.

Siphon and Carnage

Melee assassination with dual blades.


Steady pulses ensure you are always on time.

Cooling Carapace

Clears your mind when you need it the most

Nimble Kickers

Keep on rolling

Essences #

Spirit Essence

Enhances the regeneration of your resources (Health, Mana, Focus) .
Level 1 2 3
Spirit Amount 1 2 3

Power Essence

Enhances the scaling of your abilities.
Level 1 2 3
Power Amount 1 2 3

Haste Essence

Enhances your castspeed, buff-tickspeed and ae-tickspeed.
Level 1 2 3
Haste Amount 1 2 3

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