Bloodshed Arena

Bloodshed Arena #

Soaked from the blood of fallen creatures

Npcs #


There is just another arrow in his quiver.

Champion of the Blade

Survivor of the last bloodshed


Furious in his stampede.

Unforgiving Priest

Expelled and chased and without mercy.


Delivers weapon to boss

Loot #

Experience #

Level 1 2 3
Amount 60xp 120xp 180xp

Items #

Versatile Crossbow

Ranged weapon that deals damage with different ammunition types.

Mythwalkers Jewel

Great things happen while we walk

Surgeons Gown

A practical dress for trauma treatment.


Holy scepter that has strong heals and shields.

Swift Sneakers

A pragmatic alternative to a failed plan.

Essences #

Haste Essence

Enhances your castspeed, buff-tickspeed and ae-tickspeed.
Level 1 2 3
Haste Amount 1 2 3

Power Essence

Enhances the scaling of your abilities.
Level 1 2 3
Power Amount 1 2 3

Awareness Essence

Enhances your dodge and critical chance
Level 1 2 3
Awareness Amount 1 2 3