Protectors of the Lost

Protectors of the Lost #

Tank weapons based on damage blocking and fortification.

A Towershield and a mace to withstand hordes of enemies.

Stats #

Base Attributes #

Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Stamina 25 32 39
Power 13 18 23
Awareness 13 16 19

Abilities #

Slam #

Deals 10+5.0*Pwr +10% per Fortify damage), grants 6 rage
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 20
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 1 s

Shield Bash #

Deals 10+3.0*Pwr damage and applies Fortify on you
Name Value
ResourceType RAGE
ResourceAmount 15
Range 10
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 0 s

Shield Wall #

You double temporarily the effect of Fortify and reduce damage taken
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 10
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 80 s

Charge #

Charges at target, deals 0+10.0*Pwr damage and applies Bleed to near targets. Consumes Fortify stacks for Charged
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 200
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 15 s

Shield Nova #

Deals 12+8.0*Pwr damage around you and grants you Fortify for each target hit.
Name Value
ResourceType RAGE
ResourceAmount 15
Range 100
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 10 s

Avenging Shield #

Deals 20+10.0*Pwr damage around you and applies Maimed to each target.
Name Value
ResourceType RAGE
ResourceAmount 15
Range 150
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 20 s

Sacrifice #

Decreases damage taken of the target by 50% but you take 15% more damage.
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 250
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 45 s

Talents #

Bastion of Light
Fortify will heal around the tank on every trigger
Crippling Block
Shield Bash decreases damage done of target
Devastating Slam
Slam enhances damage done to the target
Charge can be used on allied targets, granting damage reduction
Fortify deals damage around you on every trigger
Shield Nova applies 2 Stacks Fortify to all allied targets in range
Avenging Shield
Deals damage around you and reduces damage done.
Shield Wall grants 5 Stacks Fortify.
Fortify reduces the cooldown of Shield Wall by 1s on damage taken.
Reduces damage taken of target but increases your damage taken.
Slam has a 15% chance to procc Riposte.
Critical Block
Your critical chance prevents Fortify from loosing a stack on hit
Charge creates a damage reduce zone at the destination.
Sacrifice heals the target for 20% of your maximum life.
Shield Nova generates one stack of Fortify for every enemy target hit.
Charge applies Bleed to all targets in 100 range.
While Shield Wall is active gain a stack for every damage received.At the end of Shield Wall deal damage for each stack around you.

After using Mass Taunt, gain 150% increased threat generation.
Combat Conditioning also reduces your damage taken by 25%
Combat Conditioning
If you drop below 45% health get 15 Awareness increase, 45s cooldown
Mass Taunt
Taunts all targets in range
If Steamroller triggers, heal for 10% of your maximum health
You get a stack every time you take damage, 20 stacks grant you 5 Pwr and 10 Sta
Taunt prevents the target from switching targets for a short period

Essencecombinations #


3 x Gives 3 Stamina


5 x Gives 5 Stamina
2 x , 3 x Gives 16% Magic Damage


7 x Gives 7 Stamina
2 x , 3 x Gives 24% Magic Damage
3 x , 2 x Gives 12% Healing Taken


9 x Gives 9 Stamina
3 x , 4 x Gives 32% Magic Damage
4 x , 3 x Gives 16% Healing Taken

Crafting costs #


10 x


16 x , 21 x


34 x , 30 x , 5 x


88 x , 60 x , 17 x