Stormcaller #

Two-handed lightning spear. Mid ranged weapon that summons vortexes.

Found in the depths of Taracoa

Stats #

Base Attributes #

Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Stamina 10 12 14
Power 9 15 21

Abilities #

Thunder Lunge #

Lunges forward, dealing 12+12.0*Pwr damage and gaining 5 energy
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 150
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 1 s

Cyclon Strike #

Deals damage 10+30.0*Pwr around you, gain 10 energy per enemy hit.
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 100
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 7 s

Summon Vortex #

Summons a Vortex, can proc Vortex Fury
Name Value
ResourceType ENERGY
ResourceAmount 70
Range 10
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 1 s

Thrust Gale #

Calls Gale upon the enemy, and deals 5+12.0*Pwr damage.
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 100
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 10 s

Storm Avatar #

Enhances all your abilities, applies Storm Avatar
Name Value
ResourceType None
ResourceAmount 0
Range 10
Casttime 0 s
Cooldown 60 s

Talents #

Chain Reaction
When casting Thrust Gale all Vortex also deal damage to that target
Thunder Lunge extends the lifespan of all near Vortex up to 10s
Thunder Lunge charges after casting, doing more damage the more you move till the next cast
Eye of the Storm
Being near of Vortex reduces damage taken and enhances damage done
Flux Accumulator
Storm Avatar resets faster if near Vortex
Storm Shield
Cyclon Strike applies Storm Shield to you
Call Lightning
Call Lightning deals damage on and around the target. Applies Gale to all affected targets.
Standing near a Vortex regenerates Energy.
Lightning Ball
Consumes all Vortex to form a Lightning Ball. More vortexes will give it more capability.
While Storm Avatar is active, it will apply Gale on random targets
Direct Transmission
Cyclon Strike will spread Gale to surrounding targets.
Vortex moves faster
Self Excitation
If Storm Avatar is active, 50% of the cost of Summon Vortex will be refunded over 7s
Call Lightning applies Gale to all affected targets.
Gale accrues Charge that buff your next Thunder Lunge against this target.
Lightning Ball consumes Gale to buff itself.
Bottled Demon
Your abilities have the chance to fire a bolt at your current target
Bottled Demon places Fidelity on the target
After Lethality triggers, your next spell is instant.
After 2 critical ability hits gain critical damage
After a successful interrupt, gain 6 Pwr.
Reduce you threat generation by 10%.
Reduce you threat by 70%.

Essencecombinations #


3 x Gives 3 Power


5 x Gives 5 Power
2 x , 3 x Gives 10% Lifetime


7 x Gives 7 Power
2 x , 3 x Gives 15% Lifetime
3 x , 2 x Gives 12% Critical Damage


9 x Gives 9 Power
3 x , 4 x Gives 20% Lifetime
4 x , 3 x Gives 16% Critical Damage

Crafting costs #


10 x


16 x , 21 x


34 x , 30 x , 5 x


88 x , 60 x , 17 x