Academy Halls on Beta

cover Welcome to the first update in the year 2024. I am proud to introduce you to a PvE world-level Academy Halls. The level is 25x times bigger than Sludge Madness but belongs to the same setting.

This is the first world-level and there are several more planned. In Academy Halls, you wander a lost university. Monsters are roaming free through the floors.


There are several enemy spawns that you need to capture. #

Each spawn generates monsters as long as they are not captured. During capturing, the spawn frequency increases. At 15% rest, the flux summons a group of defenders. As long as the defenders are alive, the spawn’s health won’t decrease. You need to kill them to capture the spawn. spawns

Capture all spawns to summon the worlds boss #

Each wing of the academy has three spawns. If you can capture all of them before the first one recharges a boss spawns in the middle. boss

You can summon bots with energy #

Every monster that you kill grants you energy. If you have 100 energy, you can summon a bot to your help. You can find the bot summoners near the entrance. bots You can only control three characters at a time and only one from each role.

There is currently no reward for fighting in Academy Halls #

Sure, you get experience. That could be enough to fight there. But right now, the mobs and the boss have no additional loot. This will change soon. In the short term I plan to add loot to monsters and the boss. The monsters will probably drop some essences and the boss could drop a random item.

Midterm development focuses on academy halls #

I want to add additional mini-bosses for each building wing. Additionally, there will be more NPC variety.

There are known issues #

I introduced new features to the server code, and some things are not working as intended.

Infight state in Academy Halls is global right now #

Either all players are infight or outfight. That is terrible. I need to implement that on a per-player basis.

Monsters are stuck at wall-edges #

I don’t know why they lump there, but it looks bad and needs a fix.

Energy gains are assigned to the killer #

That could be harmful if someone steals your kill on a monster and gets the energy instead of you. This issue is not pressing because the probability is low. I think I can fix it when I rework the infight-state of players.