Intro Questline

cover I spent the week implementing a quest system. I use it to introduce the players into the game.

At first, you have to farm materials. #

The player has to enter Academy Halls and farm 10 of each material. That takes approximately 15 minutes. You can see your active quests above the chat window on the left side. materialQuest To open the quest details, click on the small yellow icon. questPopup

After gathering, you have to compile avatars for the remaining roles. #

To start a dungeon you need a tank, healer, and damage dealer. You open the compilation dialog and use the farmed materials to build the avatars. compileAvatar

At last, you are sent into the Soul Towers for your first raid. #

After you compiled all roles, you are ready to conquer the Soul Towers. soulTowers

Relieving Journal got a slight alteration. #

Fendse pointed out that the Relieving Journal doesn’t use its full potential. We could improve it with some slight adjustments.

  • Sprout on enemy targets is now called Leech and deals damage over time.
  • New talent Sowing that buffs Harvest Life every time one of your HoT effects ticks.