Release Pit of Elements


Pit of Elements is now released on the live server. It is a 2.5-phase fight.

The first phase contains lightning vortexes and stone pillars. The stone pillar will always spawn on the damage camp. The vortex will spawn on the tank that doesn’t have boss aggro. If there is only one tank the vortex will spawn on him. At the end of the first phase, Khorin will absorb near Stone Pillars and grant himself a shield. He begins to cast mediation that applies a Burning debuff to all players. As soon as the Earth shield breaks, you can interrupt him.

After that, begins the second phase. It is very similar to the first one. Khorin summons IceBlocks on the off tank. You should place them so you can walk around them. Then, Khorin summons a Fire Elemental targeting a random non-tank player. The Fire elemental has a shield that damages anyone who attacks him. That shield can be removed by kiting the Fire Elemental to an IceBlock.

At the end of this phase Khorin casts Nova. You will have to hide behind Stone Pillars or IceBlocks to dodge it. After that all pillars and IceBlocks get destroyed, and Phase One begins again.

Here you can see myself struggling with normal difficulty.

Four New Items #

Water Stream and Siphon and Carnage are now released on live.

Water Stream is an energy-based healing weapon. water stream Siphon and Carnage are melee daggers. siphon and carnage

Furthermore, there is a new armor and a new trinket item. The armor Cooling Carapace will reset all your cooldowns once you fall below 50% life.

The trinket Chroniker grants you Power for a short period every 20 seconds.

Level Ending Screen #

There is a new level ending screen that shows after every win or wipe. It shows your awarded experience, items, and essences. On the Insight tab, you can get statistics about the raid. It displays Damage and Healing done, damage taken, and a Death-Recap for each player. level ending screen

The US server is online #

I had some trouble finding cheap and reliable servers for deployment in the US. I finally managed to find some appropriate servers hosted by GTHost. These servers are located in Seattle Washington. So everyone in North America should have an acceptable Ping. I will remove the disclaimer from the Store shop page and add a Hint, about the current server locations. So that anyone from Australia or Oceania can reconsider if they want to buy the game. You can select the server in the Login Screen. us-server

Chat Enhancements #

I started with reworking the chat.

At first, I fixed the bug that you can’t scroll in it.

I also added the possibility to change the size and position of the chat window.

Chat Bubbles #

If you have the nameplate of players enabled, you will see the chat messages appear over their heads.

chat bubbles

Chat Commands #

I also added some basic chat commands that should help you with raiding.

  • /gg kills all players as the leader
  • /y displays a raid warning for all players
  • /help displays all available commands

New logo for Raiding.Zone #

I created a new logo. I wanted it to match the UI of Raiding.Zone. chat bubbles

Further Development #

After releasing the new level, my next goal is to create a new trailer. Primarily, I want to show the enhanced UI and the new level.

I could find a very talented voxel artist to design new weapons and overhaul some existing models. Applause to Madraox for his enormous efforts.

I will develop new weapon concepts, so we can use his awesome models.

There is also an ongoing community poll for new movement spells. I will finish the poll this Sunday. After that, I will then start to implement the choice.