Patch Notes 22.08.2023


Buffs and Health bars in Nameplates #

Healthbars and Buffs now display on target Nameplates. You can deactivate them in Settings->Interface.

Talent reset #

You can now reset your weapon talents. That removes all active talents and resets the experience to zero. Unlocked avatars will stay unlocked. talent reset

Essence combination hints #

You can now view all essence combinations for the selected item. If you hover over the “Combination Guide” it will show all combinations. combination guide

Attribute tooltips #

Tooltips now display for attributes in the Armory. attribute tooltips

Minor changes #

  • Mouse won’t move to the center on the right click. This change does not work on Linux and Mac because there is more research to do.
  • Quality settings can be adjusted in the settings.

Bug fixes #

  • removed “p” panorama mode
  • Death removes the leader spell bar
  • talents for armor and trinkets not assignable
  • firebound forge is too dark
  • 21:9 resolution, UI is cut off