Update for Live Servers


Today I can finally release the pending changes on the live servers. The primary changes are the new avatar compilation and the ongoing raid rework.

The raid rework isn’t finished. Yet I couldn’t find a reason to further delay the live update.

For this release, I re-enabled the Escape Attempt raid. It is a two-stage encounter with fights in the perimeter, and the final in the gateway.

In the perimeter you will fight the Custodian. #

The Custodian is a stationary defense system. perimeter You can get a first look at the fight in this short video:

The escape attempt fight against Ava got a visual update #


The character configurator is now live. #

The character configurator compiles all your equipment into one avatar.

These avatars get stored in compilation booths in your cell.

cover You interact with the booth to open the compilation dialog. cover After selecting your equipment, and talents, you can assign essences. cover If you mount the right essence colors into your abilities, you will unlock bonus stats. cover The label in the bottom right corner shows how long the compilation will take. More items, talents, and essences result in a higher compilation duration.

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