Release Run of Elements


I could not decide whether to release the content directly to the live servers. Then, I discovered a nasty bug on the live systems and decided to take two steps forward.

So, I released the raid to live.

You might remember the old Pit of Elements and Firebound Forge level. old Firebound Forge They got a complete overhaul. Both are now part of the same raid Run of Elements. I’ve also added a new level right between them called Buried Entrance. buriedEntrance

Buried Entrance features a zerging fight. #

You have to unearth the buried entrance to the Firebound Forge. To achieve this you take those detonation bugs and kite them to the entrance. detonationBug If you kill it, it will explode and damage the entrance. explosion

Normal, Challenging and Adamant difficulty feature additional mechanics. But I don’t want to spoil the whole raid for you.

Special thanks to Madraox! He is the designer behind many creatures in this raid. My favorite is the scorpion.

Next up is a desert-style world level. #

Madraox already designed most of it. Design, gameplay, and most of the decoration are already in place. I need to compose it together and implement the mechanics he envisioned.