New GUI and target zone visibility

Reworked GUI #

I got sick of the grey tone and wanted some SciFi vibe. I bought some SciFi frames and gave the GUI a more distinctive look. Blue is now the primary color. cover Every dialog got reworked to fit the new theme. cover

Redesigned Target zones #

I received feedback that it is sometimes hard to see which effects are hostile. Enemy effects are now clearly visible. cover

Better solo raiding #

There were a bunch of levels that you would have trouble beating if you played alone. The bots are dumb and don’t walk out of hostile zones.

You can reposition the bots now. Therefore, you can use the spells Ping Position and Ping Target.
Ping Position lets the bot get and stay in the defined location.
Ping Target lets the bot follow the defined target. You have to select a new target after selecting this spell.
A slightly blue cursor indicates the target selection.