New Talent Trees for all Weapons

cover I can finally show you more progress for Raiding.Zone. I need to rework all talents for all weapons, armors, trinkets, and boots.

Weapons and boots are more or less done. I think I can finish the armors and trinkets next week.

The new talent trees are circular #

Each weapon has 16 unique talents. You start to skill them from the center. The red circles are ultimate talents that grant you additional spells or auras.

Staff of Burning Souls Staff of Burning Souls

Obsidian Warhammer Obsidian Warhammer

Urikas Urikas

Feel free to explore the other weapons. I didn’t want to paste all the trees into the blog. Weapons

There are also new talent trees for each role. You can find them under each weapon talent tree. heal

Initially, I thought I could release something this week but the talent rework was way too much. After finishing armor and trinket talents, I only need to add drop rates for the new materials.