Adamant Teaser

cover First, I want to apologize for missing the Twitch stream this Sunday. I was sick and couldn’t find the energy to stream.

New Difficulty Adamant #

I want to introduce you to a new difficulty level. It is called Adamant and has more boss mechanics, than the Challenging difficulty. I spent the whole week finding a concept how to implement it. I had some ideas for boss mechanics but nothing for loot and rewards. The result is similar to the mythic+ difficulty in World of Warcraft (big surprise). Since the start of Raiding.Zone I always got requests to implement a system like this.

Upon completing a level in challenging difficulty you will get your first adamant cipher. This cipher unlocks the adamant difficulty of a certain level with a bonus difficulty. At +6 bonus difficulty, the enemies have doubled health and damage compared to the challenging difficulty.

Adamant raids also get weekly changing obstacles. From bonus difficulty +1 to +4, there is a lesser obstacle. Lesser obstacles are:

  • Capacity: 30% more life for all enemies
  • Inhibitors: Healing is reduced by 40%

At +5 bonus difficulty, you will also fight against a higher obstacle. Higher obstacles are one from these at the start:

  • Arcane Pulses: Periodically creates arcane pulses that deal damage and silence the player on hit.
  • Eruption: Deal damage around players every 20 seconds.
  • Static Charges: Gain a StaticCharge buff every time you move. At 5 stacks, it will deal damage to the nearest player.

Adamant raids will drop level 4 items. Furthermore, if you completed at least one adamant raid in the last week you will get a crate. This crate is located in your cell and will grant you a level 4 item with the bonus level of your highest adamant raid. You will also get one level 4 essence for each adamant raid you complete.

Bonus level on items grants bonus stats. At bonus levels 5 and 15, you will unlock additional essence slots. These bonus slots unlock three essence combinations on a level 15 weapon. essenceCombination

Minor visual upgrade #

I updated the player screen in the player cell. playerScreen

There is also a new effect for the cell separator.


I added a sphere in the middle of the training area. This sphere symbolizes the compilation core of Raiding.Zone.


Raiding.Zone story is about your mind getting sentenced to a virtual prison. With this core, I want to emphasize this fact. I plan to add a band for each player online on the server. But first, I need to figure out how this would impact the performance.

Upcoming #

I am trying to complete the work on the adamant difficulty. The core is more or less done. I still need to implement the adamant mechanics for most raids. Parallel we are working on new weapon meshes so each weapon level gets its own upgraded mesh.