Art Rework and Movement spells


Complete Art Rework #

In the last update, I presented a new logo for Raiding.Zone. This week, I reworked the complete artwork for the product page. dynamic skill System

I also updated the road map for the rest of this and the upcoming year. roadmap

Movement Spells #

After the community poll on movement spells, I added a new item type. You can now equip boots in your loadout screen. At the start, we have five different boots to choose from. movement spells Like trinkets and armor, all boots have three experience levels. They have three unique essence combinations, so you can further customize your movement.

magic slippers dislocaters

Here can you see some gameplay with the new boots:

The movement update is live on the beta branch. Keep in mind that you have to use the beta server too.

HighKing has a new Axe #

Madraox did his best and got me a new model for the axe of HighKing. It looks badass now. new axe

New path-finding algorithm #

Per default all pathfinding in Raiding.Zone is done using the A*algorithm. However, there exists a faster alternative for some cases.

If you can see your destination, you can go there directly. So if your path is without obstacles, the server will take less CPU time to calculate your way now.

Next steps #

I will work closely with Madraox to show the boots on the character. Also, we will try to enhance the meshes of the character faces.

There is also still the new trailer on my to-do list. But, I want to with it, till we have enhanced the visuals.

I will also start to implement the new difficulty level for all levels.