Solo Raiding through Multiboxing


I got a lot of feedback that the game lacks fun if you are play alone.

The bots are intelligent enough to compete in the more complicated raids.

So I threw away the bot system and created a new raid control system.

I got inspired by the way you control the players in Fifa. There, you can constantly switch between your players and control the entire team.

The term multiboxing comes from World of Warcraft. It describes playing with multiple characters simultaneously, and is strictly forbidden.

I added it as a game mechanic to Raiding.Zone

You can add any raider to your team in the lobby configuration.

Lobby configuration Once you have entered the raid you can switch between your raiders using CTRL+Left Click or PageUp and PageDown keys.

switch raiders

I was able to beat Firebound Forge on Normal alone. Firebound Forge needs two tanks and lots of movement. I had to constantly switch raiders and move them out of the meteors and into the water.

You can test the new mode on the “beta”-Steam branch. Keep in mind that you also need to select the “Beta Server” on the login screen.

Beta server