The Statsystem of Raiding.Zone


The Attribute-System of Raiding.Zone consists of 5 Base Attributes and 22 Additional Attributes.

Base Attributes #

Base Attributes are located on all weapons and increase with their level. They can also be granted through essences.
There are 5 essences one for each base attribute.
Every item (weapon, armor, or trinket) can hold up to 3 essences.

Stamina #

Stamina controls the amount of your health. Every point in Stamina grants you 50 health.

Power #

The attribute Power enhances all abilities. Every ability, buff and, talent scales with power. The extent of this scaling can be discovered through the in-game tooltips.

Haste #

Haste increases your cast speed, your buff, and your area-effect tick rate. Every point in Haste enhances your speed by 2%.

Awareness #

Awareness grants you critical strike chance and dodge chance. Every point of Awareness gives you 2% dodge chance and critical strike chance.

Spirit #

Spirit controls the restoration of your resources. If your abilityResourceType is Energy or Mana it will regenerate. 1 Energy and 2 Mana per Tick and Spirit amount.

Additional Attributes #

Additional Attributes can be obtained through Essence combinations or the effects of abilities or buffs. There are 14 positive and 8 negative additional attributes. All additional attributes are percentages.

Name Description
Reduced Damage Taken Reduces the amount of normal damage taken
Reduced Magic Damage Taken Reduces the amount of magic damage taken
Increase Healing Taken Increases the amount of healing taken
Decrease Resource Consumption Decreases the resources you consume (e.g. mana, energy)
Increased Damage Done Increases your damage done
Increased Healing Done Increases your healing done
Increased Regeneration Increases your regeneration. See Regeneration below.
Increased Critical Chance Increases your critical strike chance
Increased Critical Damage Increases your critical strike damage
Increased Dodge Chance Increases you chance to dodge normal damage
Cooldown Reduction Reduces the cooldown of all your abilities
Increased Buff/Pet/Ae Lifetime Increases the uptime of your Buffs, Pets and AreaOfEffects
Increased Movement Speed Increases your movement speed
Increased Cast Speed Increases your casting speed

Regeneration #

If your abilityResourceType is Mana or Focus you will regenerate either 2 + (2 * Spirit) mana or 2 + (1 * Spirit) focus per second.
With any other abilityResourceType you will regenerate 1 * Spirit health per second.
You will also regenerate health if your Mana or Focus resource is full.

EssenceCombinations #

You can mount up to 3 essences in each item. They will provide you with bonus attributes.
Certain combinations will also give you a bonus effect.
For example if you mount a SpiritEssence, a AwarenessEssence and a PowerEssence into an Item it will grant you:


You can lookup all essence combinations here.