Academy Halls Release

cover I am proud to release the first update this year. The Academy Halls update is now live.

I will give you a quick overview of the update. If you are interested in more details, you can read the previous dev logs.

But first, I want to thank Madraox for his work. Most of the voxel monsters, their animations, and a lot of decoration originate from him.

Academy Halls is a world map. #

You can reach it by going from the Compilation Core into the Zone Terminus. spawns All players share the same level instance.

The map contains several NPCs you can kill for experience and essences. spawns

If you kill an NPC, you will receive energy. You can use this energy to spawn bots that help you. You can spawn up to two bots that fill the remaining roles. For example, if you are a damage dealer, you can summon a heal and a tank bot. bots

There are several enemy spawns that you need to capture. #


Each spawn generates monsters while not captured. During capturing, the spawn frequency increases. At 15% rest, the flux summons a group of defenders. As long as the defenders are alive, the spawn’s health won’t decrease. You need to kill them to capture the spawn. spawns Each wing in academy halls has a boss that spawns if you try to capture the middle spawn. phenias

Capture all spawns to summon the boss. #

Each wing of the academy has three spawns. If you can capture all of them before the first one recharges, a boss spawns in the middle. boss

We will add more world zones. #

Right now, Madraox works on the next world level. It will have a sand-desert flair. You will have to fight elementals and solve puzzles. Here is a small peak on the foretold elemental. stoneElemental

I will work on a crafting system. #

I don’t want to spoil much because I have not carved out all the details. The base idea is that you build/compile your whole character. You select a weapon, armor, trinket, and boots. Then you put essences in those to unlock augments. As soon as I finish the concept, I present it to you.