Adamant Weekly Loot


Adamant mechanics #

I added adamant mechanics for all levels.

Firebound Forge #

Every meteor will spawn a dragon egg. Those eggs need to get destroyed, or dragonkins spawn. dragonEgg

Pit of Elements #

At the start of the boss fight, Khorin spawns a big vortex that rotates around the arena. Another vortex spawns, every time he casts meditation. permanentVortex

Soul Towers #

The High King got a new ability. He will periodically summon a High Priest. The High Priest stuns and damages a fixed target as long as he lives. highPriest

Weekly chest #

If you have completed at least one adamant raid this week, you will get an adamant chest in your cell. You can see a timer on it. That indicates when you will receive your loot. The format is Days:Hours:Minutes. chest On opening the chest you will see an overview of your weekly raids and rewards. rewardDialog

Redesign of items in GUI #

The previous item display celebrated his first birthday some time ago. The adamant rewards gave me the perfect excuse to rework it. The arrows on the left symbolize the item tiers (Story, Normal, Challenging). The symbol in the bottom right shows its bonus/adamant level. This symbol gets more complex as you reach higher bonus levels. The current maximum is 20. itemView

Panels in the training area #

I added panels that show the best adamant run per level of the last week. There is also a display detailing the current adamant obstacles. trainingAreaView

Continuity Nerf #

Fendse found another way to get infinite damage. That required me to nerve the Continuity essence combination to 8% increased lifetime.

Next Steps #

Now that the adamant difficulty approaches completion, I can pursue the roadmap further.

Visuals #

Madraox designed new weapon models. Every weapon tier will get a special model. I think I can implement it with the next update.

I also want to push the changes on beta to the live server to give everyone adamant difficulty.

After that, I want to use the holidays to implement the next point on the road map. I want to explore different game modes and try to give Raiding.Zone more variety. There are already a lot of ideas in my head. But before I tell you about them, I have to try them out :]