Early Access Release Update


I am proud to deliver another update to this game. In this release, I created a new weapon, added in-game music, and designed an essence system.

Stormcaller Meele Weapon #

Stormcaller is a lightning-induced spear that attacks your enemy in melee range. Every spell accumulates energy. At 70 energy you can summon a powerful thunder vortex.

The full ability descriptions are available here.

Ingame Music #

There are now different music tracks for each map and additional infight music. Furthermore, sound effects for all abilities have been added.

Essence System #

Every item can now be mounted with up to 3 essences. There are 5 different essences right now: Stamina, Awareness, Spirit, Power, and Haste. These essences grant you a bonus on their own and an additional bonus by interacting with the other mounted essences. Certain combinations will also grant you additional effects for your items. All essence combinations are available here: https://docs.raiding.zone/docs/essencecombinations/

Essences are looted after every level. You can get up to 3 essences per raid.

Interface Modification #

We granted you complete control over your raid interface. You can Move, Scale and Modify all interface elements to better suit your playstyle.

Mass Performance Test #

We tested the game server with 2000 players playing together. The main problem was bandwidth. My own developer setup doesn’t have enough throughput to simulate 2000 players. So I had to use another server to supply for the half. It was quite a rough optimizing journey. We got from 1000MBit/s per 1000 players to 130MBit/s. The primary optimizations where reducing the payload and better encoding of the payload.

Raid-Lead spells #

We added additional tooling for raid leaders.

Revive #

Arguably the most important spell. It enables you to revive a friendly bot or player infight with 50% life at your position. The game grants you 1 revive opportunity per 5 players in-game.

Mark Position Green/Blue #

This two spells lets you mark a specific position on the map with a green or blue effect.

Ping Position #

This ability marks a position in-game for a short time.

Mark Target #

This spell marks a target with a skull. It is intended to be used as focus target.

Reset Targets #

This spell just resets all marks that have been placed.

Steam integration #

You can now invite friends to your current raid or join the raid of your friends. Your current raid is also displayed in your game info for your friends.

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